Debugging a TDP

If everything does not work as it should, the following method might help you troubleshoot TDP issues with OneTest Embedded.

To troubleshoot a TDP:

  1. Set the ATTOLSTUDIO_VERBOSE environment variable to 1. The exact procedure to do this depends on your operating system.

  2. The OneTest Embedded GUI does not automatically inherit the Windows environment. Therefore you must save the project,  close and relaunch the GUI.

  3. Ensure that the correct TDP is selected. From the Project menu, select Configurations and click New to select the new TDP if necessary.

  4. Decompose the complete build process into multiple steps. To do this, click the Build Options () button, clear the All option and select only the first step of the compilation sequence (Source compilation). Clear any Runtime Analysis tools.

  5. Select the source file under test (add.c in this example) and click Build .

  6. Repeat the same operation for each other compilation step and source file until the whole node can be successfully processed.

This should provide adequate feedback to help you debug each individual step of the compilation sequence.

In the current example, any problems encountered will usually be related to an incorrect file path in the Basic Settings of the TDP.