Target deployment port tutorial

The aim of this quick example is to demonstrate how to create and validate a new TDP on Windows. The same principles apply to other platforms: just replace Windows with the native or target platform of your choice.

Tutorial Preparation

An example project for this tutorial, names add.rtp, is provided with OneTest Embedded in the /examples/TDP/tutorial directory.

The TDP for this tutorial is based on the MinGW (Minimalist Gnu for Windows) C compiler distribution. MinGW is a collection of header files and import libraries that allow one to use GCC and produce native Windows32 programs that do not rely on any 3rd-party DLLs.

The MinGW distribution includes GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), GNU Binary Utilities (Binutils), GNU debugger (Gdb) , GNU make, and various other utilities.

To obtain a copy of the MinGW environment:

  1. Connect to

  2. Locate and download the latest complete MinGW distribution.

  3. Follow the instructions provided with the distribution for installation and configuration.

Tutorial Steps

This Tutorial will guide you through the steps of creating, modifying and debugging TDP, using custom I/O functions, a debugger and defining a break point strategy.