Running the base station in the background

The objective of your system test is to test the UMTS base station. However, how will you run the base station application at the same time as the test? Normally, the tested thread, task, process, or subsystem will be run somewhere on your network, but for the purposes of the Tutorial, you will have to manually run it yourself.

To execute the system under test:

  1. From the command line (or via Windows Explorer on Windows) browse to the UMTS base station executable provided with the Tutorial.  This file is located within the HCL OneTest Embedded installation folder, in the folder \examples\BaseStation_C, and is called:

(For Linux, you also have the option of selecting the base station executable itself, located in the same directory. The shell script referenced above simplifies matters.)

  1. Run the base station executable. Windows users should minimize the command window that appears.