Regression testing

Regression testing involves the reuse of all tests to ensure your software experiences no regression - in other words, to ensure that the repair of one defect doesn't break some other feature that worked in the past. Frankly, software testing would be much simpler if nothing ever broke once it worked properly. Even manual testing efforts would be acceptable for some since the effort would only be focused on "new" code - a lot of testing at the beginning, but decreased testing as the development cycle matures and no new features are added into the project.

But things do break and manual testing is far from an achievable goal. Software is just too complicated and too interdependent to succeed without automated assistance.

With HCL OneTest Embedded you can create full regression tests that are comprised of all the testing and runtime analysis nodes created throughout your testing effort.  It's as simple as creating a Group node and then copying and pasting your test and analysis nodes within it. Run the Group node as you would any other; every test and analysis node would (optionally) build and execute. When the Group execution has finished, a double-click on the Group node opens consolidated reports that let you easily determine where errors have been detected.

With regression testing you close the loop. Code might break, but it will never find its way into the finished product.