Interacting with the Application

To run the application:

  1. Start the mobile phone by running the provided mobile phone executable built for your operating system. The mobile phone executable is located within the Test RealTime installation folder in the folder \examples\BaseStation_C\MobilePhone\. The name of the executable depends on your operating system:

(A launcher shell script - - is provided for the non-Windows platforms as well.)

  1. Click the mobile phone's On button ().

  2. Wait for the mobile phone to connect to the UMTS base station (if you watched the Runtime Trace viewer closely, you would have noticed a display of all the internal method calls of the UMTS base station that occur when a phone attempts to register). The current system time should appear in the mobile phone window when connection has been established.

  3. Once connected, dial the phone number 5550000, then press the button to send this number to the UMTS base station (again, try to see the Runtime Trace viewer update).

  4. Unfortunately, the party you are dialing is on the line so you'll find the phone is busy. Shut off the simulator by closing the mobile phone window via the button in its upper right corner.

The UMTS base station is designed to shut off when a registered phone goes off line. Not a great idea for the real world, but it serves the Tutorial's purposes well. Alternatively, you could have just used the Stop Build button located next to the Build button on the toolbar.

  1. The UMTS base station has stopped running when the green execution light next to the execution timer - located beneath the Project Explorer window on the lower right-hand side of the UI - stops flashing (). Wait for it to stop flashing.

Everything that occurred at the code level in the UMTS base station was monitored by all four runtime analysis features. Once the UMTS base station stopped (i.e. once the instrumented application stopped), all runtime analysis information was written to user accessible reports that are directly linked to the UMTS base station source code. In order to look at these reports:

  1. Reopen the Project Explorer window by selecting the menu item View->Other Windows->Project Window

  2. In the Project Explorer window, on the Project Browser tab, double-click the BaseStation application node. All four runtime analysis reports will open. (Alternatively, right-click the BaseStation application node and select View Report->All.)

  3. Close the Project Explorer window and the Output Window (at the bottom of the UI) to create room for the now-opened reports. You may also want to resize the left-hand window to gain additional room.