Redoing the Manual Test

You have changed some source code, so some of the UMTS base station code will have to be rebuilt. The integrated build process of OneTest Embedded is aware of these changes, so you do not have to specify the particular files that have been modified.

To rebuild your application:

  1. Select the menu item View->Other Windows->Project Window.

  2. From the Window menu, select Close All.

  3. Select the Project Browser tab in the Project Explorer window that has now appeared on the right-hand side of the UI.

  4. Right-click the BaseStation application node and select Rebuild. When you select Rebuild, all files are rebuilt, whereas Build simply rebuilds those files that have been changed. If no files had been changed, you could have just selected Execute BaseStation.

  5. Once the UMTS base station is running (indicated by the appearance of the Runtime Trace viewer), run the mobile phone simulator as before.

  6. Click the mobile phone's On button ().

  7. Wait for the mobile phone to connect to the UMTS base station (if you watch the dynamic trace closely, you'll notice a display of all the actions that occur when a phone registers with the server). The time should appear in the mobile phone window.

  8. Once connected, dial the phone number 5550001, then press the button again to send this number to the UMTS base station (again, watch the dynamic trace update).

  9. Success! You have connected to the intended party. Stop right here to see the results of your work. Close the mobile phone window by clicking the button on the right side of its window caption. As you may recall, this action will shut down the UMTS base station as well.

  10. The UMTS base station has stopped running when the green execution light next to the execution timer - located beneath the Project Explorer window on the lower right-hand side of the UI - stops flashing (). Wait for it to stop flashing.

  11. In the Project Explorer window, on the Project Browser tab, double-click the BaseStation application node. All four runtime analysis reports will open with refreshed information. (Alternatively, right-click the BaseStation node and select View Report->All.)

  12. Close the Project Explorer window to the right and the Output Window at the bottom.

So have you improved your code and increased code coverage?