Building and executing the application

When performing runtime analysis, your source code must be instrumented. In Ada, instrumentation  is enabled for code coverage.

Before we can build the application, we need to specify the include directory of the source files. OneTest Embedded stores this kind of information in its Configuration Settings.

The Configuration Settings can be seen as database containing information, parameters and options for building, executing, profiling and testing. Within a given Configuration, each node has its own settings. Any changes made at any level of the project are cascaded down to its child nodes.

To change the include files setting for all the nodes of our application node:

  1. Select the application node

  2. Click the Settings button in the Project Browser

  3. Select Build > Compiler and click the User include directories setting.

  4. Click .

  5. Click the New Directory button, and select the examples/TestSuiteAda/src.

  6. Click Ok and apply the settings.

To build and execute the application:

  1. In order to instrument, compile, link, and execute the application in preparation for runtime analysis, simply ensure the MyApplication application node is selected on the Project Browser tab of the Project Explorer window, and then click the Build button.
    Do so now.

Note   More information about the source code insertion technology can be found in the User Guide, in the chapter Product Overview > Source Code Insertion Overview.

  1. Notice that in the Output window at the bottom of the screen, on the Build tab, you can watch the preprocessing, instrumentation, compilation, and link phases of the build process as they occur. A double-click on an error listed within any of the Output Window tabs opens the relevant source code file to the appropriate line in the Text Editor.

  2. The build process has completed.