Filtering sequence diagram events

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Use the Event Editor to create or modify event triggers or filters for UML sequence diagrams:

Events can be related to messages, instances, notes, synchronizations, actions or loops.

To define an event or filter:

  1. Specify a name for the event.

  2. Select the type of UML element you want to define for the event and select Activate. Several types of elements can be activated for a single filter or trigger event.

  3. Click More or Fewer to add or remove line to the event criteria.

  4. From the drop-down criteria box, select a criteria for the filter, and an argument.

  5. Arguments must reflect an exact match for the criteria. Pay particular attention when referring to labels that appear in the sequence diagram since they may be truncated.

  6. You can use wildcards (*) or regular expressions by selecting the corresponding option.

  7. Click the button to enable or disable case sensitivity in the criteria.

  8. You can add or remove a criteria by clicking the More or Fewer buttons.

  9. Click Ok.

Message Criteria

Instance Criteria

Note Criteria

Synchronization Criteria

Action Criteria

Loop Criteria

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