Splitting trace files

Runtime Tracing for C and C++a

During execution, Runtime Tracing generates a .tdf dynamic file. When a large application is instrumented, the size of the .tdf file can impact performance of UML/SD Viewer.

Splitting trace files allows you to split the .tdf trace file into smaller files, resulting in faster display of the UML Sequence Diagram and to optimize memory usage. However, split trace files cannot be used simultaneously with On-the-Fly tracing.

When displaying split .tdf files, Runtime Tracing adds Synchronization elements to the UML sequence diagram to ensure that all instance lifelines are synchronized.

To set Split Trace mode:

  1. In the Project Explorer, select the highest level node from which you want to activate split trace mode.

  2. Click the Open Settings... button.

  3. Select Runtime Analysis and the Runtime Tracing settings.

Select Trace Control.

Set the Size (Kb) of each split .tdf. The default size is 5000 Kb.

Specify a File Name Prefix for the split .tdf filenames. The prefix is followed by a 4-digit number that identifies each file.

  1. Click OK.

Note   The total size of split .tdf files is slightly larger than the size of a single .tdf file, because each file contains additional context information.