Tracing a test node

Runtime Tracing for C and C++

When Runtime Tracing is activated with a Component Testing or System Testing test node, monitoring a UML sequence diagram of the execution from Runtime Tracing is a matter of including Runtime Tracing in the Build options of an existing test node.

If however you are using Runtime Tracing on its own, you need to create an application node in the Project Explorer, and associate it with the source files that you want to monitor.

To engage the runtime tracing option:

  1. From the Build toolbar, click the Options button.

  2. In the options list, select Runtime Tracing.

  3. Click anywhere outside the options list to close it.

Next time you run a Make command on the selected test node, a Runtime Tracing UML sequence diagram will be produced simultaneously with the standard test output.

To view runtime tracing output:

  1. Runtime Tracing output is displayed, with the UML/SD Viewer, in the same UML sequence diagram as the standard test's graphical output.

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