Associating Target Deployment Ports with test environments

IBM Rational Quality Manager integration

When you select the OneTest Embedded adapter in Rational Quality Manager, by default, the OneTest Embedded project will be run with the Target Deployment Port (TDP) that is selected in the project. To run the same project with different TDPs, you can create different test environments in Rational Quality Manager.


To create a test execution record with a specific TDP:

  1. Log in to Rational Quality Manager, click Lab Management > Create Test Environment.

  2. Type a name for the test environment that applies to the name of the OneTest Embedded configuration. The name must be exactly the same as the Configuration name in OneTest Embedded, for example: C Win32 - GNU. Click Save.

  3. Click Construction > Create Test Execution Record and type a name for the new test execution record.

  4. Select the Test Case and the Default Test Script.

  5. In Available Test Environments, select the test environment with the name of the TDP that you want to use. Click Save.

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