Working with Projects

The project is your main work area in OneTest Embedded  , as displayed in the Project Explorer window.

A project is a tree representation that contains nodes. Projects can contain one or more sub-projects which are actually links to other projects.

Note  Previous versions of the product used Workspaces instead of sub-projects. Workspaces are automatically converted to sub-projects when loaded into the current version of the product.

Within the project tree, each node has its own individual Configuration Settings —inherited from its parent node— and can be individually executed.


To learn about


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New Project Wizard

Understanding how projects work

Understanding Projects

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Excluding a node from execution

Excluding a Node from a Build

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Renaming an existing node in the project

Renaming a Node

Changing build options and Runtime Analysis tools

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Executing the project or an individual node

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Using the Debug setting of your compiler

Debug Mode

Removing all previously generated files

Cleaning Up Generated Files


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