Using Probe Macros

Trace Probes for C

Before adding probe macros to your source code, add the following #include statement to each source file that is to contain a probe:

#include "atlprobe.h"


The atl_start_trace() macro must be called before any probe activity can occur; for example, it can be placed at the start of the application.

The atl_end_trace() macros must be called after all probe activity has ended; for example, when the application terminates.

Other macros must be placed inside the source code, at locations that are relevant for the messages that you want to trace.

The following probe macros are available:

Please refer to the section on Probe Macros in Reference for a complete definition of each probe macro.

To activate the Trace Probe feature:

  1. In the Project Browser, select the application or System Testing node on which you want to use the feature.

  2. Click Settings and open the Probe control box.

  3. Set Probe enable to Yes, select the correct output mode in Probe Settings and click OK.

  4. Edit the source code under test to add the trace probe macros, including the #include line.

  5. Set up your trace probes within your application source files.

To read the trace probe output:

  1. From the File menu, select Open and File.

  2. In the file selector, select Trace Files (*.tsf, *.tdf) and select the .tsf and .tdf files produced after the execution of the application under test.

  3. Click OK.