Manually creating an application or test node

Application nodes and test nodes are the main building blocks of your workspace. An application node typically contains the source files required to build the application.

Test nodes contain the source under test, test scripts and any dependency filed requires for the test.

The preferred method to create an application or test node is to use the Activity Wizard, which guides you through the entire creation process.

However, if you are re-using existing components, you might want to create an empty application node and manually add its components to the workspace.

The GUI allows you to freely create and modify test or application nodes. However, you must follow the logical rules regarding the order of execution of the items contained in the node. When using Component Testing for C++, .otc scripts must be placed before .otd scripts.

To manually add components to the application node.

  1. In the Project Explorer, right-click a Project node or a Group node.

  2. From the pop-up menu, select Add Child and Files.

  3. In the File Selector, select the files that you want to add to the application node.

  4. Click Ok.

Note   Before running an application node created with this method, please ensure that all necessary files are present in the application node and that all Configuration Settings have been correctly set.

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