Excluding a Node from a Build

In some cases, you might want to exclude one or several nodes from the build process. This can be done by changing the Build state of the node directly in the Project Explorer, as described below, or through the Properties window.

Note   If you exclude a node that contains child nodes, such as an application node, a group or even a project, none of the contents of the node are executed.

In the Project Explorer, there are three possible build states:

Build state




The node is normally built and executed.

Report only


The node is not built, but is used to produce the report.

Exclude from Build

The node is not built and ignored.


The Report only option means that only static result files (.tsf and .fdc) are used to generate the report, but the node is not built and does not produce any dynamic results.

To change the Build state of a node:

  1. In the Project Explorer, click the Build state symbol to toggle the three different states.

  2. In the Properties window set the Build property to No.

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