Testing arrays with other arrays

Component Testing for C

The following example illustrates a form of initialization that consists of initializing or comparing an array with another array that has the same declaration:


  FAMILY nominal


    VAR x1, init = 0, ev = init

    VAR x2, init = SIZE_IMAGE-1, ev = init

    VAR y1, init = 0, ev = init

    VAR y2, init = SIZE_IMAGE-1, ev = init

    ARRAY image, init = extern_image, ev = init

    ARRAY histo, init = 0, ev ==

    VAR status, init ==, ev = 0


    #status = compute_histo(x1, y1, x2, y2, histo);



Read_image and extern_image are two arrays that have been declared in the same way. Every element from the extern_image array is assigned to the corresponding read_image array element.

You can use this form of initialization and testing with one or more array dimensions.

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