Integrating HCL OneTest Embedded Studio with IBM Rational ClearQuest

IBM Rational ClearQuest is a defect and change tracking tool designed to operate in a client/server environment. It allows you to easily track defects and change requests, target your most important problems or enhancements to your product.  ClearQuest helps you determine the quality of your application or component during each phase of the development cycle and helps you track the release in which a feature, enhancement or bug fix appears.

By default, the product offers defect tracking support for ClearQuest. When using ClearQuest with HCL OneTest Embedded Studio you can directly submit a report from a test or runtime analysis report.

To submit a ClearQuest report from HCL OneTest Embedded Studio:

  1. In the Report Explorer, right-click a test.

  2. From the pop-up menu, select Submit ClearQuest Report.

  3. This opens the ClearQuest Submit Defect window, with information about the Failed test.

  4. Enter any other necessary useful information, and click OK.

Please refer to the documentation provided with Rational ClearQuest for more information.

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