Using native C++ statements

Component Testing for C++

In some cases, it can be necessary to include portions of C++ native code inside an .otc or .otd test script for one the following reasons:

Analyzed native code

Lines prefixed with a # character are analyzed by Component Testing Parser.

Prefix statements with a # character to include native C++ variable declarations as well as any code that can be analyzed by the parser.

#int i;

#char *foo;

Variable declarations must be placed outside of Component Testing Language blocks or preferably at the beginning of scenarios and procedures.

Ignored native code

Lines prefixed with a @ character are ignored by the parser, but copied into the generated code.

To use native C++ code in the test script, start instructions with a @ character:

@for(i=0; i++; i<100) func(i);


You can add native code either inside or outside of C++ Test Script Language blocks.

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