Selecting Build Options for a Node

The OneTest Embedded  GUI allows you to specify the actions that will be performed during a build for each node in the test project.

Build options contain two sections:

Build options are linked to each node through the Configuration Settings mechanism. For example, you can decide to only apply Code Coverage to one node in the project. If you want you changes to apply to the entire project, set the build options on the project node.

By default, the build options of each node are inherited from those of the parent node. When you override the settings of a parent node, changes are propagated to all child nodes within the same Configuration.

To set the build options of a node:

  1. In the Project Explorer, click the Settings button.

  2. Select a node in the Project Explorer pane.

  3. Select the Build node.

  4. Click the Value column the ... button.

  5. Select the Runtime Analysis features (Memory Profiling, Performance Profiling, Code Coverage and Runtime Tracing) and build options to use them on the current node.

  6. Click OK and Apply.

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