Testing arrays with other arrays

Component Testing for Ada

Component Testing for Ada is flexible enough to allow complex array comparisons. You can initialize or compare an array with another array that shares the same declaration.

You can use this form of initialization and testing with one or more array dimensions.


The following example tests the two arrays read_image and extern_image, which have been declared in the same way. Every element from the extern_image array is assigned to the corresponding read_image array element.


  FAMILY nominal



    VAR x1, init = 0, ev = init

    VAR x2, init = SIZE_IMAGE-1, ev = init

    VAR y1, init = 0, ev = init

    VAR y2, init = SIZE_IMAGE-1, ev = init

    ARRAY image, init = extern_image, ev = init

    ARRAY histo, init = 0, ev ==

    VAR status, init ==, ev = 0

    #status = compute_histo(x1, y1, x2, y2, histo);




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