Executing the code review from a script

You can execute the build from HCL OneTest Embedded Studio graphical interface or for advanced users, from the command line interface.
Note: The following procedure is for advanced-users.
  • When crccc has been used, use crcld as follows:
    crcld -xref="<model_file>.pl" "<crccc_result_file>.xob" -RULE="<confrule file>.xml" -TEST
  • <model_file>.pl file will be generated, it contains data needed to perform custom namecheck rule.
  • A file named <model_file>.R99.1.xob will be generated, it will be used on a final step when executing crcld.
  • Use this xob file for the next call of crcld:
    crcld -crc="<crc_file_name>.crc" "<all other xob file name>.xob" "<model_file>.R99.1.xob" -RULE="<confrule_file>.xml" -TEST