Studio Report - studioreport


Creates a temporary project with the test result files passed as parameter. These results can then be exported to HTML.


studioreport [-help] [-html <dir>] [-keep] [-clean[All]] [-verbose] [<report files>]



Report files must have the following extensions

Files must have absolute paths or be relative to the current directory.

When no parameters are specified, studioreport looks for attolccfiles.log, TestRTccfiles.log, TestRTccfiles.xtp, or attolccReport.xtp in the current directory.

Note    attolcc generates attolccReport.xtp after the application linkage.

Typing the studioreport command with the .spt file path, if it has not been generated locally, starts the viewer for the instrumented application.



Displays the help message

-html <dir>

Creates the directory for HTML exports


Keeps the temporary project that was generated


Removes all dynamic results, -cleanAll removes all report files


Shows all files listed as studio parameters