General Settings

The General settings are part Configuration Settings dialog box, which allows you to configure settings for each node.

By default, the settings of each node are inherited from those of the parent node. When you override the settings of a parent node, changes are propagated to all child nodes within the same Configuration. Overridden fields are displayed in bold.

Host configuration settings

The Host Configuration area lets you specify any information about the machine on which the Target Deployment Port is to be compiled.

Directories settings

Target Deployment Port data

The Target Deployment Port (TDP) Settings allow you to override the TDP used for a particular node in the current Configuration. By default, the TDP used is that of the current Configuration.

Source file information settings

The Source File Information settings are only available on the project node as they apply to how OneTest Embedded extracts source file information and dependency files to be displayed in the Asset Browser view of the Project Explorer. These setting apply to the entire project and cannot be overridden at the node level.

CSV format settings

The CSV format settings allow you to specify options for importing a test data table from a .csv table file. The default values are inherited from the local settings of your operating system. See Importing a Data Table (.csv File) for more information.

To edit the General settings for a node:

  1. In the Project Explorer, click the Settings button.

  2. Select a node in the Project Explorer pane.

  3. In the Configuration Settings list, expand General.

  4. Select Host Configuration, Directories or Target Deployment Port.

  5. When you have finished, click OK to validate the changes.

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