Build Settings

The Build settings are part of the Configuration Settings dialog box, which allows you to configure settings for each node.

By default, the settings of each node are inherited from those of the parent node. When you override the settings of a parent node, changes are propagated to all child nodes within the same Configuration. Overridden fields are displayed in bold.

Build options settings

Compiler settings



Linker settings

This area contains parameters to be sent to the linker during the build of the current node.

Execution settings

These settings apply to Component Testing and System Testing nodes only.

Target Deployment Port build settings

This area relates to the parameters of the Target Deployment Port on which is based the Configuration:

To edit the Build settings for a node:

  1. In the Project Explorer, click the Settings button.

  2. Select a node in the Project Explorer pane.

  3. In the Configuration Settings list, expand Build.

  4. Select Compiler, Linker, Execution or Target Deployment Port.

  5. When you have finished, click OK to validate the changes.

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