Properties Window

The Properties Window box contains information about the node selected in the Project Explorer. It also allows you to modify this information. The information available in the Properties Window depends on the view selected in the Project Explorer:

When relevant, the properties can use environment variables.

Project Browser

Depending on the node selected, any of the following relevant information may be displayed:

Note   The Instrumented property is ignored for Component Testing for C++ if the .otd test script contains  a CHECK METHOD statement or if an .otc contract check script is used. In these cases, the source files are always instrumented.

Asset Browser

Select the type of Object View in the Sort Method box at the top of the Project Explorer window: By Object, By Files, or By Packages. Depending on the sort method selected, and the type of object or file, any of the following relevant information may be displayed:

To open the Properties window, in the Project Explorer, right-click a node, and then select Properties... in the pop-up menu.

To hide or show the Properties window, right-click an empty area within the toolbar, and then select or clear the <object> Property menu item; or from the View menu, select Other Windows and <object> Property.

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