Time Stamping

Runtime Tracing for C and C++

The UML/SD Viewer displays time stamping information on the left of the UML sequence diagram. Time stamps are based on the execution time of the application on the target.

You can change the display format of time stamp information in the UML/SD Viewer Preferences.

The following time format codes are available:

These codes are replaced by the actual number. For example, if the time elapsed is 12ms, then the format %mms would result in the printed value 12ms. If the number 0 follows the % symbol but precedes the format code, then 0 values are printed to the viewer - otherwise, 0 values are not printed. For example, if the time elapsed is 10ns, and the selected format code is %0mms %nns, then the time stamp would read 0ms 10ns .

Note   To change the format code you must press the Enter key immediately after selecting/entering the new code. Simply pressing the OK button on the Preferences window will not update the time stamp format code.

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