System Testing Agent Access Files

System Testing for C

The .atsagtd (UNIX) or atsagtd.ini (Windows) agent access file is an editable configuration file that secures access to System Testing Agents and contains a list of machines and users authorized to execute agents on that machine, with the following syntax:

<computer name> <username> [#<comment>]


On Windows platforms, the System Testing Agent uses the ATS_DIR environment variable to locate the atsagt.ini file.

A plus sign + can be used as a wildcard to provide access to all users or all workstations.

The minus sign - suppresses access to a particular user.

You can add comments to the agent access file by starting a line with the # character. Blank lines are not allowed.


# This is a sample .atsagtd or atsagtd.ini file.

# The following line allows access from user jdoe on a machine named workstation

workstation jdoe

# The following line allows access from all users of workstation

workstation +

# The following allows access from jdoe on any host

+ jdoe

# The following allows access to all users except anonymous from the machine workstation

workstation +

workstation -anonymous


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