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Implementing a practical, effective and professional testing process within your organization has become essential because of the increased risk that accompanies software complexity. The time and cost devoted to testing must be measured and managed accurately. Very often, lack of testing causes schedule and budget over-runs with no guarantee of quality.

HCL OneTest Embedded provides a full range of answers to these challenges by enabling full automation of system and software test processes.

OneTest Embedded is a complete test and runtime analysis tool set for embedded, real-time and networked systems created in any cross-development environment. Automated testing, code coverage, memory leak detection, performance profiling, UML tracing, code review - with OneTest Embedded you fix your code before it breaks.

OneTest Embedded covers runtime analysis and software testing, all in a fully integrated testing environment.


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SCI instrumentation technology

Source Code Insertion

Testing and analyzing applications on embedded and real-time target platforms

About Target Deployment Technology

UML Sequence Diagrams, as used in OneTest Embedded

UML Sequence Diagrams

OneTest Embedded integration with other products

Working with Other Development Tools

Checking conformance of code to coding guidelines and obtaining code complexity metrics

Static Analysis

Analyzing your source code for memory and performance profiling, code and test coverage and execution tracing

Runtime Analysis

Testing components of your source code or message-based systems

Automated Testing


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