Project overview

A project is a tree representation that contains nodes.

Within the project tree, each node has its own individual Configuration Settings —inherited from its parent node— and can be individually executed.

Project Nodes

The project is your main work area in OneTest Embedded  .

A project is materialized as a directory in your file system, which contains everything you need to test and analyze your code:

In the OneTest Embedded   GUI, a project is organized as follows

Application and test nodes can be moved around the project to change the order in which they are executed. The order of files inside a Test node cannot be changed; for example the test script must be executed before the source under test.

Projects and sub-projects

Projects can contain one or more sub-projects which are actually links to other project directories. The behaviour of a sub-project is the same as a project. In fact, a sub-project can be opened separately as a stand-alone project.

Note  Previous versions of the product used Workspaces instead of sub-projects. Workspaces are automatically converted to sub-projects when loaded into the current version of the product.

Here are several examples of the use of super-projects and sub-projects:

Results Node

By default, each application and test node contains a Results node.

Once the test or runtime analysis results have been generated, this node contains the report files. Right-click the result node or the report files to bring up the Source Control popup menu.

If you are not controlling result files in a configuration management system, you can hide the Results node by setting the appropriate option in the Project Preferences.

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