Initial and Expected Value settings

Component Testing for C

The Initial and Expected Value settings are part of the Component Testing Settings for C dialog box and describes how values assigned to each variable are displayed in the Component Testing report. Component Testing allows three possible evaluation strategy settings.

Variable Only

This evaluation strategy setting generates both the initial and expected values of each variable evaluated by the program during execution.

This is possible only for variables whose expression of initial or expected value is not reducible by the Test Script Compiler. For arrays and structures in which one of the members is an array, this evaluation is not given for the initial values. For the expected values, however, it is given only for Failed items.

Value Only

With this setting, the test report displays for each variable both the initial value and the expected value defined in the test script.

Combined Evaluation

The combined evaluation setting combines both settings. The test report thus displays the initial value, the expected value defined in the test script, and the value found during execution if that value differs from the expected value.

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