Understanding Component Testing Reports

Component Testing for C

Test reports for Component Testing are displayed in the OneTest Embedded Report Viewer.

The test report is a hierarchical summary report of the execution of a test node. Parts of the report that have Passed are displayed in green. Failed tests are shown in red.

Report Explorer

The Report Explorer displays each element of a test report with a Passed , Failed symbol.

Test results are displayed for each instance, following the structure of the .ptu test script.

Report Header

Each test report contains a report header with:

Test Results

The graphical symbols in front of the node indicate if the test, item, or variable is Passed or Failed :

You can obtain the following data items if you click with the pointer on the Information node:

A variable is incorrect if the expected value and the value obtained are not identical, or if the value obtained is not within the expected range.

If a variable belongs to an environment, an environment header is previously edited.

In the report variables are edited according to the value of the Display Variables setting of the Component Testing test node.

The following table summarizes the editing rules:



Display Variable
All Variables

Display Variable
Incorrect Variables

Display Variable
Failed Tests Only

Passed test

Variable edited automatically

Variable not edited

Variable not edited

Failed test

Variable edited automatically

Variable edited automatically

Variable edited if incorrect


The Initial and Expected Values option changes the way initial and expected values are displayed in the report.

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