The Requirement instruction allows the testers to link a test or a set of tests to one or a set of requirements. Requirement is optional.
REQUIREMENT <requirement_name> {, [<attribute_name> =|:] <attribute_value>}

<requirement_name> is a mandatory identifier indicating the name of the requirement.

<attribute_name> is the name of one attribute of the requirement. It is an identifier.

<attribute_value> is the value of the attribute. The syntax may be: $<identifier>. In this case, the attribute value is substituted with the content of an environment variable whose name is $<identifier>.


The REQUIREMENT instruction appears within TEST blocks, where it defines the requirements for this test or within SERVICE blocks where it defines the requirements for the tests including in this service or before the first SERVICE block where it defines the requirements for the all the tests in the file.

Requirements are cumulative between test and service.

rod2req is a binary that generates an XML file analyzing the rod files and describing the tracability matrix between tests and requirements with pass/failed status.

FAMILY nominal
REQUIREMENT req1, req2
 COMMENT histogram computation on a black image