System Testing Supervisor Script Language.


The RENDEZVOUS instruction synchronizes virtual testers and other processes.


RENDEZVOUS <rendezvous>

<rendezvous> is a rendezvous identifier, previously declared by a MEMBERS statement.


When the scenario reaches a RENDEZVOUS statement, the script is halted until all declared members arrive at the rendezvous. When the rendezvous is met by all members, the supervisor orders all processes to resume.

RENDEZVOUS identifiers must be unique in the script, including from logical process names or variable names, otherwise you will receive an error when execution fails.

If the rendezvous does not occur before the end of the timeout delay, you will receive an error. The default delay is five minutes. You can modify the delay with the TIMEOUT instruction.



MEMBERS test1_test2 3

EXECUTE machine_1:test1

EXECUTE machine_2:test2

RENDEZVOUS test1_test2

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