System Testing Test Script Language.


MESSAGE <message_type>: <ref_msg> {[, <ref_msg>]}


The MESSAGE instruction allows you to declare a list of reference messages <ref_msg> of the <message_type> type.

<message_type> is in C and must be defined by a typedef in the interface file, an included file, or the test script.

You must use the MESSAGE instruction at the beginning of the test script, before the first scenario.

The reference messages are global variables. After a WAITTIL instruction, the reference messages used contains the value of the last received message.

Interface file

typedef struct {   

int code;   

int flight_number;   

struct {       

char flight_name[8];       

unsigned char class_name;   

} data;

} aircraft_data_t;


MESSAGE aircraft_data_t: air_msg

SCENARIO first   

DEF_MESSAGE air_msg, EV= {code => FlightReport }   

WAITTIL(MATCHING(air_msg), WTIME == 100)   


IF (air_msg.flight_number == 321) THEN


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