ROD Converter - rod2xrd


This command line tool converts a .rod file produced by the C or Ada Test Report Generator (attolpostpro and attolpostproada) into an .xrd file that can be viewed in HCL OneTest Embedded Studio.


rod2xrd <.rod_file>


  1. <rod file> is the name of the .rod file to convert.


-o <log-file>

This option allows you to specify the name of the output file. By default, the generated .xrd has the same name as the .rod file.

-h <header file>

This option allows you to specify the customized header file for the report. See REPORTHEADER in the TDP Editor help for more information.


If the .ptu test script contains loops, this option generates graph data with the test results.

-s <max_nb_of_tests>

When large reports are generated, this option allows you to split the results into multiple report files that contain the specified number of tests.