System test script keywords

System Testing for C

System Testing for C helps you solve complex testing issues related to system interaction, concurrency, and time and fault tolerance by addressing the functional, robustness, load, performance and regression testing phases from small, single threads or tasks up to very large, distributed systems.

Test script filenames must contain only plain alphanumerical characters.

Basic structure

A typical System Testing .pts test driver script looks like this:

HEADER "Registering", "1.0", "1.0"

SCENARIO basic_registration

FAMILY nominal

-- The body of my basic_registration test



SCENARIO extented_registration

FAMILY robustness

SCENARIO reg_priv_area

         -- The body of my reg_priv_area test

END SCENARIO -- reg_priv_area

SCENARIO reg_pub_area LOOP 10

         -- The body of my reg_pub_area test

END SCENARIO -- reg_priv_area



The overall structure of a C system test script must follow these rules:

Structuring statements

The basic structuring statements are:

Each scenario can be split into sub-scenarios.

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