TDF Splitter - attsplit


For use with Runtime Tracing. The .tdf splitter (attsplit) tool allows you to separate large .tdf dynamic trace files into smaller—more manageable—files.


attsplit [<options>] <tcf file> <tsf_file> <tdf file>



Trace .tdf files that contain loops cannot be split.


-p <prefix>

Specifies the filename prefix for the split .tdf files. By default, split .tdf filenames start with att.

-s <bytes>

Sets the maximum file size for the split .tdf files. By default, the original .tdf dynamic trace file is split into 1000 byte split .tdf files



Activates verbose mode (-v) or verbose mode for written files only (-vw).


Disables the writing of time information. By default, time information is written to the split .tdf files.

-fopt <filename>

Uses a text file to pass options to the attsplit command line.


This option is for internal usage only.