C++ Test Script Compiler - atoprepro


The C++ Test Script Compiler compiles the .otd C ++ Test Driver Script and .otc C++ Contract Check Scripts into C++ source code.


atoprepro [<OTD Script>]|[<OTC Scripts>] -G C++ -O <cpp file> -OTI <oti file> -TDF <tdf file>



The C++ Source Code Parser supports the following options:

-E <number of errors>

Specifies the maximum number of error messages that can be displayed by the C++ Test Script Compiler. The default value is 30.


Deactivates the generation of #line statements. This can be useful in environments where the generated source code cannot use the #line mechanism. By default #line statements are generated.


This option tells the C++ Test Script Compiler not to use the full path to the TDP from the $ATLTGT environment variable before the name of TP.h in the #include directive.

This option is useful for embedded targets when compilation of the generated source does not occur on the same host as the C++ test compilation.


This option is for internal usage only.


atoprepro script.otd contract1.otc contract2.otc -G C++ -O app.cc -OTI foo.oti -TDF bar.tdf -E 60


Return Codes

After execution, the program exits with the following return codes





End of execution with no errors


Abnormal termination


All messages are sent to the standard error output device.