Dump File Splitter - atlsplit


The dump file splitter (atlsplit) tool separates the unique multiplexed trace data file generated by the runtime analysis command line tools into specific trace files that can be processed by the runtime analysis and test feature Report Generators.


atlsplit [<options>]<trace_file>


  1. <trace_file> is the name of the generated trace file (atlout.spt)


The dump file splitter actually launches a perl script. You must therefore have a working perl interpreter such as the one provided with the product in the /bin directory.

Alternatively, you could use the following command line:

perl -I<installdir>/lib/perl <installdir>/lib/scripts/BatchSplit.pl atlout.spt


where <install_dir> is the installation directory of the product.

The script automatically detects which test or runtime analysis feature were used to generate the file and produces as many output files.

After the split, depending on the data contained in the trace file, the following files are generated:



Runs the program with verbose output.


Runs the program with verbose output but does not split the trace data file.


Verifies files before performing splitting the trace data file. Defective files are ignored.


This option is for internal usage only.