Changing static metric settings

You can edit the configuration settings for static metrics to specify how the source code statistics are generated.


To change the static metric settings:

  1. In the project explorer, right-click the project on which you want to change the settings and click Properties.
  2. Click C/C++ Build > Settings and select Build Settings.
  3. Expand Static metrics to access the runtime tracing settings and set the required options for dumping trace data and drawing UML sequence diagrams.
    One level metrics
    By default, .met static metric files are produced for source files as well as all dependency files that are found when parsing the source code. Set to Yes to restrict the calculation of static metrics only to the source files displayed in the navigator.
    Analyzed directories
    This setting allows you to restrict the generation of .met metric files only to files which are located in the specified directories.
    Generate metrics in source directories
    By default, all .met files are generated in the project directory, and use the same name as the source file. Select Yes on this setting to compute metrics for source files that have the same name but are located in different directories. In this case, each .met is generated in the source directory of each file.
    Additional options
    Use this setting to specify extra command line options. In most cases, this should be empty.
  4. Click OK, Apply the changes and close the Properties window.