Initializing the Rational Quality Manager adapter

To use Rational® Quality Manager with a computer that uses HCL OneTest™ Embedded for Eclipse IDE, the HCL OneTest Embedded adapter service must be properly running and configured on the computer.


To start the Rational Quality Manager adapter:

  1. Open a command line or shell window.
  2. Start the Rational Quality Manager adapter service with the following command, located in the \RQMAdapter\TestRTadapter folder of the product installation directory:
    • In Windows, type: startTestRTAdapter.bat
    • In UNIX, type:
    Note: The adapter requires access to a writable temporary directory. If the adapter encounters permission problems with the default settings, add the following option to the command line to specify a writable directory: -tempdir=temp_directory. For example: startTestRTAdapter.bat -tempdir=C:\temp.
  3. If this is the first time you run the adapter, you must configure the adapter by typing the following information, when prompted, in the console window:
    1. Type the base URL of the Rational Quality Manager server. For example: https://hostname:9443/jazz
    2. Type your login and password for the Rational Quality Manager account.
    3. Type the Rational Quality Manager project area name.
    4. Type a name for the adapter, or press Return to use the default name.
    The adapter only asks these questions the first time it is run. If you need to change the server URL or login information, run the adapter with the -reconfigure option. For example: startTestRTAdapter.bat -reconfigure.


The Rational Quality Manager adapter service starts.