IBM Rational Quality Manager integration overview

IBM® Rational® Quality Manager is a business-driven software quality environment for people seeking a collaborative and customizable solution for test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting capable of quantifying how project decisions and deliverables impact and align with business objectives.

Rational Quality Manager allows you to:

Rational Quality Manager uses the term test script to describe it's basic test assets. Rational Quality Manager test scripts are mapped to HCL OneTest Embedded test suites. A test suite contains multiple test harnesses that are run sequentially to provide global results for a project.

To use Rational Quality Manager with a computer that uses HCL OneTest Embedded for Eclipse IDE, the HCL OneTest Embedded adapter service must be running on the computer.

With the adapter running, you can import test suites as Rational Quality Manager test scripts, construct a new Rational Quality Manager test case based on those test suites, and run the tests from Rational Quality Manager. You can also view the results of the tests in Rational Quality Manager as HTML reports.