Installing the product from an update site

You can expand a third-party Eclipse-based IDE by installing HCL OneTest™ Embedded from an update site.

About this task

To integrate HCL OneTest Embedded for Eclipse IDE into a third-party Eclipse-based IDE such as Wind River Workbench or Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, you can install the plug-ins from a local Eclipse update site. The update site is a folder installed with the product.
Note: Compatibility of HCL OneTest Embedded with third party workbench environments depends on the availability of several extensions in those workbenches. Dependencies include Eclipse EMF, Eclipse GEF, and Eclipse CDT.


To install the product from the local update site:

  1. Proceed with a default Installation of the product in its own product group. A local update site is created alongside the product install.
  2. Launch the third-party Eclipse workbench and click Help > Install New Software.
  3. Click Add, type a name for the update site, click Local and select the directory: <installation directory>\HCL\HCLOneTest\Embedded\HCL One Test Embedded Eclipse IDE update site\
  4. Select all the features listed in the update site and click Next.
  5. Approve the licensing agreement and click Next.
  6. After installing the product, restart the workbench.