Setting up licensing

To start using a product, you must first set up licensing.

Before you begin

If you use a cloud license server, you must have:

If you use a local license server, you need its URL.

About this task

You must set up either a cloud license server or a local license server. It is done by setting some environment variables according to the Operating System.

Set up a cloud license server:
Before starting the product, you must set up the following environment variable:
  • HCL_LICENSING_ID: (mandatory): contains the server ID that was provided to you or copy the ID from the HCL License & Delivery portal.
  • HCL_LICENSING_URL: (optional): contains the cloud server URL. If it is not set, it points to the HCL cloud license.
When you launch the product, it connects to the HCL License & Delivery portal to verify this server ID and if there is a license available, it is checked out so that you can use the product. If the license is not available, a message is displayed about it, in the console.
Note: If the license is not used for 15 minutes, the license is returned to the server for others to consume it.
Set up a local license server
Sometimes, you might be working from a lab that does not have access to the Internet. In such cases, you must install and set up a local license server behind your company's firewall. For more information about installing and configuring the local license server, see the documentation of the local license server on the same page from where you downloaded the product bits. As part of configuration, the local license server must already have mapped your entitlements and therefore can serve your requests.
Before starting the product, you must be set the following environment variable:
  • HCL_LICENSING_URL: (mandatory) must be set up to point to your local server.

    Example: HCL_LICENSING_URL=http://myServer:portNumber.

HCL_LICENSING_ID environment variable must be blank or undefined. If you enter a value, the local server will be used as a cloud server, and the licenses do not apply.
Note: The HCL Local License Server is supported on 32 and 64-bit Windows, and Linux platforms. You must install the server on a physical computer and not on a Virtual Machine.
Setting environment variables

See “Set up cloud license server” or “Set up local license server” above to find the required variables and values.

  • Procedure on Windows:
    • Open the System Properties window. Select the Advanced tab then click Environment variables.
    • Under System variables, click New to add one of these environment variables:
  • Procedure on Linux:

On some occasions, your computer might not be connected to the open Internet. For such cases, you can set up a local proxy server that can be on cloud or local.

What to do next

You can now work with the product.