Coexistence considerations

Some products are designed to coexist and share functions when they are installed in the same package group. A package group is a location where you can install one or more software product packages.

When you install each product package, you select whether you want to install the product package into an existing package group or whether you want to create a new package group. Installation Manager blocks products that are not designed to share or do not meet version compatibility and other requirements. If you want to install more than one product at a time, the products must be able to share a package group.

Any number of eligible products can be installed to a package group. When a product is installed, the product functions are shared with all of the other products in the package group. If you install a development product and a testing product into one package group, when you start either of the products, you have both the development and testing functions available to you in your user interface. If you add a product with modeling tools, all of the products in the package group will have the development, testing, and modeling functionality available.

Installing multiple instances of the product

You can install multiple instances of HCL OneTest™ Embedded on a single system. However, you must be aware of the following limitations:
  • On Windows, Start menu shortcuts will point to the last installed instance of the product. You can manually create your own shortcuts to previously installed versions.
  • The product requires that the environment variable TESTRTDIR is set to the product installation directory. This will be set to the directory of the last installed instance of the product. Before running a different instance of the product, you must change it manually to point to the directory of the version that you want to use.