Preparing for the tutorial

This tutorial can be performed on Test RealTime supported development platforms - Windows and Linux.

Since efforts are always being made to update or improve this tutorial - as well as the products themselves - a customer-only webpage has been created. This page contains news, patches and documentation updates for current users. Feel free to check this page for updates before usage of this tutorial.

To access the OneTest Embedded Support Web site:

  1. From the Help menu, select HCL OneTest Embedded on the Web and Technical Support.

About this Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to make the most of OneTest Embedded through a sample project called TestSuiteAda.

Example File Locations

Source files for the tutorial are located within the product installation folder, in the folder \examples\TestSuiteAda\src.

To open any of the example projects, go to the Start page, click Examples and select the example project.

Sample Ada application

The tutorial will use the following source files from the TestSuiteAda project:

The project also contains a series of tests and .ptu test scripts. You can ignore these for the moment, since you will generate your own component tests.