Component testing is probably the type of testing that comes to one's mind when considering the minimal amount of effort one must make to ensure a defect-free product. As these exercises have shown, component testing is a non-trivial activity.

Imagine a world in which no tool exists that can automate stub, driver, and harness creation, in which no tool can automate data-driven tests. No wonder that testing is typically viewed negatively by developers. Again, it's not that anyone feels testing is unimportant. But how repetitive and work-intensive!

To make matters worse, without code coverage the best tests in the world are run in a vacuum. How do you know when you are finished? How do you know what test cases have been overlooked?

Use HCL OneTest Embedded to simplify your component testing of C functions and Ada functions and procedures. All the tedious tasks are automated so you can focus on good tests. Test boundary conditions. Try inputs that would "never" happen. And let the test scripting API generate an overabundance of inputs; why not, considering no additional effort is required on your part.

Perhaps now you can see how HCL OneTest Embedded, combined with the runtime analysis tools reviewed in the last group of exercises, provides you with full regression testing capabilities without having to sacrifice time better spent creating quality code.