Working with IBM Rational TestManager

IBM® Rational® TestManager is used to manage all aspects of testing and all sources of information related to the testing effort throughout all phases of the software development project.

OneTest Embedded integration with TestManager enables the following features:


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Installing OneTest Embedded into the TestManager environment

Installing and configuring the TestManager integration

Configuring a OneTest Embedded project for use within TestManager

Associating OneTest Embedded Tests to Test Cases

Running OneTest Embedded tests from within TestManager

Accessing OneTest Embedded Test Nodes and Group Nodes

Viewing test results from a LogViewer test log

Viewing Results in TestManager

Submitting a ClearQuest defect on OneTest Embedded test node

Submitting a ClearQuest Defect from TestManager


Note   If you installed TestManager after OneTest Embedded, you must manually install the plug-in. Please refer to the HCL OneTest Embedded Installation section of the helpfor further information.