Viewing results in TestManager

Once a OneTest Embedded test has been executed from within a TestManager suite, test results are accessible from the TestManager Test Log window.

For each TestManager test case, the Test Log window displays a single User Defined line for each OneTest Embedded test node. This means that if a test case was associated with a group node, and the group node contained five test nodes, then five User Defined lines are shown in the test log for this particular test case. Each line has its own associated Pass or Fail status

In the properties window of a User Defined line (accessed via a right-click of the User Defined line and then selecting Properties), on the General tab:

In the properties window of a User Defined line, on the View OneTest Embedded Logs tab, click the Open button to view the test and runtime analysis reports for the selected test node.

Note   These files are copies of the original test scripts and source files solely intended for report purposes. Any changes to these files are not made to the actual test scripts and source files. Open the original files in OneTest Embedded   for debugging purposes.

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