Cleaning code coverage report files

Code Coverage for C and C++

Code Coverage produces reports on each execution of the application under test. After many executions, the .tio coverage report files can become quite large and take up a lot of disk space.

You can use the -CLEAN option with the attolcov command to remove unused and obsolete traces and to regain some space without losing your execution history.

You can use the -MERGETESTS command line option to merge all the specified .tio coverage report files together.

To clean the .tio coverage report files:

  1. Run the following command line:

attolcov <oldfiles.tio> -clean=<newfile.tio> -mergetests

where <oldfiles.tio> is a list of old .tio coverage report files and <newfile.tio> is the new .tio coverage report file.


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